Haier Biomedical & Biotek Abadi Assists Malaysia in the Fight against COVID-19

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September 15, 2020

HYC-390R RFID pharmacy refrigerator is the main product of Haier Biomedical Intelligent Reagent Network Solution, based on the IoT module, the unit provides automatic sensing and intelligent management. Using high-frequency RFID plus IoT technology, it ensures intelligent inventory, inventory entry & exit records and intelligent replenishment and the product temperature uniformity can reach ±3℃, meeting the 3Q standard of pharmaceutical factories, equipped with functions such as validity warning and authorized access management, providing users with higher security.

The biological safety cabinet HR40-IIA2 belongs to Haier Biomedical Classic Series which is widely recognized by the market, with reliable quality and high cost performance. Adopting ultra-high efficiency filter, real-time display of down flow wind speed, inflow wind speed, flow, pressure in the static pressure box, pressure in the negative pressure box as key examples, while fully ensuring the cleanliness of the sample and the safety of the experimenters; the work surface is made of 304 stainless steel, without any fixed screws, meaning no accumulation of pollutants; at the same time the unit is equipped with removable air in-flow plate and work surface, convenient for cleaning and disinfection; the operation area’s internal wall is manufactured with stainless steel integrated structure design, with 12mm large arc transition, avoiding cleaning dead corners and easy to clean and disinfect, providing users with a more ergonomic operating experience.